I started this website to bring attention to a very serious public safety issue. As active ride-sharing driver I come across students all the time who are using the service to go back and forth on their nights out. I'm not being naive, college kids especially are learning how to manage new found freedoms. Often alcohol and drugs are involved, when you mix in these with young lives that are just learning to make good decisions it usually ends up ok but sometimes it doesn't. I want to use my experience as a parent and an educator for many years to help students avoid making what could be tragic mistakes.  

This website will be the first line of defense to make public safety information to anyone who can access this site. The second line will be an hour long educational program that I have created for organizations and institutions to educate students and others on how to navigate the ride-sharing services safely.  

It didn't start out that way. I set out in the fall of 2014 to have a better understanding on what "Ride-sharing" was. I work in Financial services and a client asked me if I ever heard of "Uber" and would I recommend buying the stock. I told the client didn't know much but I would read up on it so we could talk later. The more I read the more fascinated I became about not just Uber but Lyft and the other "ride-sharing" services that are part of the new "gig economy." 

One thing led to another and I decided as much as I could read about this phenomenon I wanted to touch, taste and feel it. I wanted to be able to answer any client question with knowledge and experience. The talk of an eventual IPO that would surpass what we saw with Facebook made it clear to me that the impact is greater than I ever could imagine. Taking my experience it was obvious what I had to know - I had to sign up and be a driver. Not just any driver on a random Saturday night for a few weeks but hard core and experience different shifts throughout the week over a period of time. 

2000+ rides later through all types of weather, through a week long riot that shut down a city I had the opportunity to evaluate the sales cycle from the service providers perspective. I spent over a year doing qualitative research and published my findings on the definitive financial crowd sourcing website SeekingAlpha.com. My article titled "Uber: Sustainability of the business model and rise of the share economy" can be accessed by clicking the above tab "Sustainability Article" or by clicking on this link(http://seekingalpha.com/article/3696856-uber-sustainability-business-model-rise-gig-economy)

The article was an editors pick on SeekingAlpha.com. The article was peer read by some serious folks on Wall Street and I was asked to brief the offices of two State Governors. 

I still go out to drive, I really enjoy meeting folks. I never knew I could have so many 12 minute friendships lol

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